Coupon Code Not Working

1 min. readlast update: 03.01.2024

If you are unable to redeem your coupon code, one of the following error messages will appear. Read below to understand what it means:

  • Expired Validity: Your coupon is not redeemable past its last date of validity. If your coupon code’s validity has expired, you can no longer use it.
  • Usage limit: Your coupon code can only be redeemed once. If you have already availed your coupon code, you have hit its usage limit and cannot redeem it further.
  • Sign in: Please make sure you are signed in to your Headout account before you apply the coupon code at checkout. You will need a Facebook or email account to login to Headout.
  • Specific Codes: Our coupon code policy varies depending on the types of products you are purchasing. Several coupon codes are valid only for certain products. For instance, if your coupon code is applicable to Dubai experiences only, you may not be able to redeem them for experiences in other cities and vice versa.


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