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Travel Advisories

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Warning Level (avoid non-essential travel | widespread sustained spread)

  • China: 6 Jan, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • South Korea: 24 Feb, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Iran: 28 Feb, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Most of Europe: 12 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • United Kindom & Ireland: 15 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Malaysia: 18 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Australia: 21 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Canada: 21 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Brazil: 21 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Japan: 21 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)
  • Israel: 21 Mar, 2020 (read travel advisory here)

Alert Level (practice enhanced precaution | sustained community spread)

  • Global Outbreak notice (read travel advisory here)

Country-Specific Travel Advisories

  • The United States Ban on entry to travellers. Border with Canada closed to non-essential travel from 20 March (midnight EST). Some flights suspended.  
  • In France some flights are suspended. Cross-Channel train and ferry services reduced. Restrictions on non-essential movement until 15 April . Cultural and sporting activities are suspended, large gatherings banned, restaurants and bars closed, shops open at limited hours and public transport limited.
  • Spain ban entry to travellers. All borders closed for entry from 23 March for 30 days. Some flights suspended. Land borders open to cross-border commuters and deliveries only. Tight restrictions on non-essential movement including exercise (food shopping and medical care only)
  • Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Serbia and Ukraine ban entry to travellers. Check with airlines and transport providers whether transit is permitted before setting off. Flight schedules are reduced, some land/sea borders closed and some non-essential movement restricted.
  • Italy has enacted a travel ban for the entire country and is temporarily closed for travel until the 30th of April. All attractions in Italy are also temporarily closed.
  • Armenia, Bhutan, Israel, Kuwait, Macao, Maldives and Mongolia ban entry to travellers. Some flights and visa-on-arrival schemes suspended. Check with travel providers if transit is permitted before travelling.
  • India ban entry to travellers from 18 March. Flights suspended until 14 April. Non-essential movement severely restricted. All visas and e-visas suspended until 15 April. 
  • Saudi Arabia Quarantine in government facilities for 14 days on arrival. Flights suspended and borders closed. Curfew 7pm to 6am for 21 days from 23 March. Suspension of domestic flights, buses, some taxi services and trains from 21 March.
  • Singapore ban on entry and transit. Transit only permitted for British Airways flight BA15 (London-Sydney) and BA16 (Sydney-London) until 9 April. 
  • Thailand ban entry to travellers from 26 March. The Cambodia-Laos, Cambodia-Thailand and Cambodia-Vietnam land borders are all closed until 5 April initially.
  • UAE ban entry to travellers. Flights suspended until 9 April. Transit suspended for two weeks from 22 March.
  • Australia ban entry to travellers. All borders closed could remain so for at least six months (to non-citizens and non-residents). Self-quarantine for 14 days. Large gatherings banned.