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Refund Information

You will receive a refund confirmation email as soon as your reservation has been canceled. It usually takes 2-7 business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your account. In case of COVID-19 refund, it will take around 3 weeks, kindly check the details here for the same.

If you still haven’t received your refund after the time promised from the date of confirmation, please reach out to your bank and provide them with the transaction charge ID to track the refund status.

Refund to a different card

Ideally, the amount can still be refunded, if the bank account from where the credit card is issued is still active. Even if the card is discontinued, and the linked account is active, it should not cause any issues. 

If the account itself is not active, we can offer a full refund in the form of Headout credits that can be used to book any Headout experience across various cities. 

Some questions you might have

It's been 7 days but I have not received any email or refund yet. What can I do?

Firstly, we are really sorry you are unable to find your refund. Kindly contact our support system and we will provide you the ARN number generated against your refund which can be checked with your bank. 

Where will I find my refund number for reference once a refund is processed?

There is no separate refund number, all the details regarding your refund will be stored under your 7 digit Headout order number.