Reduced Price Tickets

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Many Headout experiences offer discounted/reduced prices for children, infants, and seniors. If a particular age group is free to enter the venue, you do not have to buy tickets for them. You can check this information under the ‘Know Before You Go’ section of the experience page. 


The information will also be available on the checkout page. Follow the below steps to see the individual prices of the reduced tickets:

  • Please select a date and check the availability for the experience.  
  • Select your starting time and the preferred tour experience 
  • You will then be able to check the price and select child and infant tickets at the checkout page.


Some questions you might have:

Do I have to book tickets for people who are eligible for free entry?

For most experiences, the person eligible for free entry only needs to carry a valid photo ID. It is recommended you check the same with the official venue before your visit. 

It says children between 3 to 7 years need to buy tickets, does that include children who are 3 years old? 

Yes, if the child is 3 years old on the day of the visit he/she will need tickets according to the above-mentioned question/scenario.  

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