Payment Receipts

1 min. readlast update: 10.19.2023

As soon as a booking is made, you will receive a payment confirmation email with your booking details and your Order ID in the subject line. This email can be used as a receipt, it includes your payment information like the amount paid and the credits used along with the details regarding your name, tour details, and other important information. 

If you however require a formal receipt, it will be provided on request. Please send us an email to and you will be issued a receipt within 24 hours.

Some questions you might have:

Is the convenience fee mentioned in the receipt email? 

For experiences that include a convenience fee which is a sum-up of the cost of doing business online, the amount will be separately mentioned at the checkout page while making the reservation and in the receipt email sent. In case it was not mentioned separately, it will be mentioned in the product inclusions on the experience page. If you want a breakdown of the same kindly send us an email to and we will send you a formal receipt within 24 hours. 


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