Meeting Point & Pick-up Directions

2 min. readlast update: 03.01.2024

The meeting point will vary depending on the experience you book. Specific, detailed instructions can be found: 

On the website’s experience page: the meeting/starting point will be mentioned under the ‘My Tickets’ section. Each page also has the Google map link under the ‘Where?’ section to direct you to the venue.  



After making the reservation: This information can also be found in the payment confirmation email, the final confirmation email, and tickets under 'How to redeem your tickets?' which you will receive via email. �



Note: For a few experiences the meeting point will not be provided on the experience page beforehand and will be informed via the confirmation email. Kindly reach out to our support system if you want information on the meeting point before confirming your booking.


Some questions you might have:


What if I am running late? Will the guide wait for me?

As guided tours happen in groups it will not be possible for the guide to wait for long at the meeting point. If you are getting late kindly contact our tour operators, their contact details will be provided in the confirmation email sent. 

How far is the meeting point from the attraction/venue? 

The meeting point will be around a 5 to 20 minute walk from the venue/attraction. Google maps link will be provided in the confirmation email.  

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