Inclusions & Exclusions

2 min. readlast update: 03.01.2024

This section will help you clearly understand the services that are included as well as excluded for any experience that you book. The list of inclusions and exclusions can be found just below the "Your Experience" section on the Headout experience page as shown in the screenshot below:�



Please note that certain experiences may not have any exclusions listed. We suggest reading through the ‘Know Before You Go’ section for more information on the timings, pick-up and drop-off point, duration etc.

For some experience pages, Inclusions are mentioned in Highlights, which are points mentioned below the experience name. It provides a short description of what is included in the tour.



Some questions you might have: 

There is (optional) mentioned in front of an inclusion. What does it mean? 

In case there is ‘Optional’ mentioned in front of inclusion, it means the experience has 2 types of tickets and you will have to choose from while selecting the date. Separate inclusions will be mentioned under the variant names as well. 





Can I customize an experience by adding flower arrangements or complementary cake?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to add the above-requested arrangements for your booking. But, you can contact our partners after making the reservation to check if it is possible to customize your experience. Though, we have several experiences that would fit your special occasion. Contact us via chat to find out more about such experiences.  

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