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Verifying Card Ownership

All bookings that we receive go through an automated security check to authorise transactions. In some cases when the automation fails, this needs to be done manually as this is a mandatory process. This additional step helps us to protect the cardholder and ensure that this card has been legitimately used for this reservation. 

In order to verify card ownership, we will make a small charge to your card that gets automatically refunded. You will receive a notification of this charge via text/email. Please enter the exact amount of the charge in the “Enter Amount” field on the verification page to complete the booking.


When this automated proces fails, the card verification is done through a manual process. The following documents will be required to confirm your reservation. 

1) A photo ID proof of the card holder (Driver's License or Passport)

2) The exact billing address of the credit/debit card used.

3) A photo of the card used for the transaction covering ONLY the first 12 digits. 

The information provided goes through all safety protocols and we can assure you has no possibility of getting misused. We have a dedicated team just to handle risk checks. This is only to ensure the safety of the card holder.